our covid-19 response

Due to COVID-19 our operating procedures have been adapted to suit the current global situation; the following shall run alongside our existing operating procedures. 


Following the Spanish Government rules, masks shall always be worn with the exceptions of eating, drinking and sport. During any RYA Powerboat courses or private tuition masks must be worn. 

Should more than one course be taking place they shall be situated away from each other to ensure social distancing is maintained. 

Everyone must sanitise their hands before the start of the course and shall be advised to regurlarly sanitise their hands. Hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes shall be readily available. 

Centre Building

All classroom-based theory and paperwork shall take place in a naturally vented area, if possible, outside. Distance shall be maintained between each person when in the classroom setting, with all pens, whiteboards and seating being disinfected after use. Toilet and changing rooms are part of the marina and shall be opened and cleaned at their discretion. Where possible customers should be advised to arrive ready to go.


All seating, tables, books, pens, and whiteboards shall be disinfected regurlarly and the centre shall be cleaned and disinfected again at the end of each day. Buoyancy aids shall be disinfected, and life jackets wiped down with disinfectant regurlarly and after each course shall be disinfected throughly. 

When using the powerboat for a course or private tuition the wheel and throttle shall be disinfected regurlarly. Once the powerboat is finished for the day it shall then have a full disinfect and clean to ensure safety for use the following day. 

All sailing boats will be fully disinfected after each course use and prior to being allowed on the sailing boat, hands must be sanitised. Land drill equipment, if used, shall be wiped down and disinfected after each use ready for the next person. 

When Stand Up Paddleboarding after each use the boards and paddles shall be disinfected. Each paddle shall be colour coded to ensure that no paddle shall go to more than one person during that use. 

First Aid 

Should first aid be needed and where possible then first aid shall be administered by the casualty. 


When sailing, everyone should know how to and can rescue themselves from a capsized boat to minimise the need for safety boat intervening. Wind and water conditions shall also be considered to minimise the chance of safety boat having to assist. 


Available to book via email, online over the website, and over the phone. All equipment shall be cleaned and disinfected prior to the hire and after. Those hiring the craft shall be advised to arrive in their wet gear. Weather and water conditions shall be taken into account for the booking to ensure that the likelihood of safety boat being needed is at a minimum.