RYA Youth Stages

These RYA Youth Stages are designed for those under 16 years old to get into and develop their dinghy sailing skills.  There are four stages in the RYA Youth scheme, each are two day courses. Our location on the beautiful Mar Menor is the perfect place to learn with the best sailing conditions!


RYA Adult Levels

These RYA Adult Levels are for those over 16 years old who are looking to get into dinghy sailing and develop their skills. There are three levels in the RYA Adult scheme, each are two day courses. With the best sailing conditions here on the Mar Menor, get involved today!


RYA Advanced Modules

These Advanced Modules are available for both adults and children. They are two day courses for those who have completed their respective sailing scheme and are looking to progress their sailing into more specific areas. The Advanced modules we offer are: Sailing with Spinnakers, Seamanship Skills and Day Sailing. 


Private Tuition

Private Tuition is available for those looking to build their skills and confidence in dinghy sailing. Private Tuition is tailored around your needs so we ask that you contact us so that together we can create the best tuition for you.